Transformation From The Trenches – S01E01 The Hosts

We have just released our Podcast “Transformation From The Trenches” and this first episode is an introduction of the hosts allowing you the auidence to get a feeling of who we are and what we are about.

We are passionate about support transformation wherever it shows up, and this has spurred our passion for shining a light on what transformation looks like on the ground. We will be focusing on personal journeys we have gone through and are going through as well as exploring this for our guests. Offering you our listeners some powerful insight that I am sure you will resonate with as well as advice from people who have vast amounts of experience in transformation.We will be focusing across all realms of transformation from personal to business to sports and beyond. If you are someone who is passionate about transformation and growth or you are on the journey yourself we encourage you to start listening today.Thanks for your time and share your thoughts on each episode.

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