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"I could tailor it for me. Very interesting ideas for me to take away and consider. Key learning for me was to not focus on Outcome but to get a clear view on what the vision I wanted for a particular situation, and then work with that in mind; which would be a less stressful way to achieving the outcome"

Programme Manager

"The session gave me a new way of looking at the issues I raised, a fresh perspective that I wouldn't have otherwise considered. It was very useful"

Project Manager

"Dave has been an amazing personal coach to me over the last six months or so. While respecting my boundaries about what I'm willing to discuss, he's helped me understand that my work life and personal life inevitably impact eachother, and since I've stopped looking at them so distinctly I've been more myself at work and more relaxed at home. This, combined with his coaching and support with techniques to grow my confidence has not only helped me improve my performance immeasurably at work, but I'm also a lot happier in general. I've gone from having a significant case of imposter syndrome, to feeling like the world is my oyster. Thank you Dave!"

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