Podcast – S01E02 Simon Powers

In this episode, we speak to Simon Powers, Coach and Founder of Adventures with Agile (AWA). Simon talks about the journey he’s personally been on, the learnings he’s had from transformations.

Highlights of Simon’s story,
– Start of his transformation journey, what it means to him and the humanistic side of transformation.
– Exploration of what ‘Leadership First’ means to him.
– Going from being the “expert” to coach or facilitative stance.
– Tips on going through a transformation.

In this episode, you’ll take learnings on how to shift from a consultative/expert stance to a facilitative/coach stance. You’ll get some tips on what to consider if you are on a transformation journey.

You’ll also get a sense of the importance of the humanistic side of transformation, and it all starts with self. You will also get a good understanding of the power of co-creating and building capabilities this way.

Enjoy the episode!

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