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David McThomas

Hi, my name is Dave, nice to meet you!

I enjoy working with motivated and curious people like you that want to change their life for even more success and happiness.

I enjoy building strong relationships with people like you that allow it to be entirely about you and what you want. I am here as your guide to support you in gaining those breakthroughs that bring your dreams to life!

The success of my coaching comes from strong relationships with my clients as this enables an environment of trust to emerge, allowing us to create something special.

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Tired of being stuck?

Clear the fog and embrace a brighter future today!

Do you feel like...
- You are stuck and unsure about how to proceed?
- You set goals but they never become realised?
- You feel your career isn't giving you what you want?
- You are overwhelmed with all that is going on in your life?
- You are experiencing stress, anxiety etc. and its impacting parts of your life?
- You would like to gain more perspective on your life and where to focus for future success?
The possibilities
Just Imagine...
- You can gain even more clarity and focus than you would imagine possible right now
- You can set and attain the goals that help you create a brighter future
- You can acquire your perfect job and fulfil your career dreams
- The obstacles that are in your path are gone and you realise your full potential
- How solving these problems/challenges may impact who you are and have a wider impact on the people around you
The possibilities
Small Breakthrough
Taster Session
There are 2 important things that you need to be sure of before you fully commit:

1. The Coach: We believe in true partnership with our clients so this taster is important to understand if the rapport and connection is there.
2. The Process: As Coaching is not Training, Mentoring or Therapy its important you understand how it works in practice to serve you best moving forward.

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Small Breakthrough
Transformation Underway
Commit To A Brighter Future

You are now ready to Commit and begin our journey together toward that Brighter Future that you deserve.

We have many paths we could travel together and the choice of which one is down to you. Take a look at the paths we have available and remember...

"All your dreams can come true, if you have the courage to persue them"

Transformation Underway

Tired Of Your Goals Not Being Realised?

Partner With Us Today To Start Sustainably Achieving Your Goals!
Deep Exploration

I am a Professional Coach who will go on a journey of exploration with you for you to identify what it is that you sincerely want. It will allow us to get to the Core Purpose behind the change.

Framing The Current State

I help my clients frame what their situation currently looks like to understand the whole picture. It’s key to allow the client to move on to exploring where they want to go from here.

A Clear, Actionable Plan

To help you turn your dreams and goals into reality, I will aid you in forming a clear, compelling and actionable plan for moving towards it.

Supporting You As A Whole

I realise you may have many roles and I am skilled in supporting you as a Whole


Are there challenges you are facinng in your role as a parent? I can support you in finding and becoming the parent that serves you and your family best.


Do you feel stuck, unable to progress or just unhappy with where you are professionally? I can support you in becoming the professional you have dreamed of.


Facing challenges in a relationship, Unsure if this relationship is right for you? I can help you to gain the clarity you need to make the best decision for your life and happiness.


Facing a challenge in an area of your life, not sure what you want or where to go from here? I can help to bring the clarirty and focus you desire to sustainably grow in that area

Start Investing In Yourself Today
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